Thursday, February 7, 2013

"KAMAZ Truck for Dakar Race in year 2022" competition entry

These are the sketches that I did for the competition organized by and The brief was to draw a Kamaz racing truck for the year 2022.

I actually highly recommend you to check out other entries!.. You'll find some REALLY AWESOME works:

Mondial de l'Automobil, Paris 2008

I was lucky enough to visit the press days (and 2 (!) design nights) of the Paris motor show this year!.. I should say that it was a great pleasure for me to come to a motor show just to see the motor show without thinking about who would you like to show your portfolio!..
Anyway, the trip was awesome!.. I was really happy to finally see Paris! Unfortunately I could spend only 3 days there that's why I had no oportunity to see much!.. But this turns out to be a really cool reason to visit this marvellous city again!..

Honeydew CD jacket design

Hey guys!

It's been a long time again since my last post here. And actually the reason is not because there's nothing to show,- I just think it's not time yet. I have already accumulated a decent amount of free-time sketches which hopefully will be released here soon

And today I upload a CD jacket for the new album of a Tokyo based band called Honeydew. They are really good friends of mine. So one day their frontman/singer/guitarist Keigo asked me if I could design a jacket for their debut album. Since some of the songs have the automotive theme in them and also because they really love cars they wanted a classic Japanese car to be featured on their album cover. So we picked a really awesome Toyota 2000gt at the end.
So here u have the pics of the released CD and some merchandise t-shirts with my sketch on them

Here are all the links if u wanna check out the band. They are really awesome, actually!


Hey everyone!

Several weeks ago we had a bit of a revival of the "Sketch-off" topic on There were not so many sketches posted for a long time but the BMW saved the day,- we had a decent amount of uploaded stuff after someone posted a BMW sketch. So I kind of felt inspired by the wave of inspiration that the guys on the forum had and decided to draw my own interpretation of the brand.

So here u have my BMW sketch (I actually haven't been drawing these cars for awhile!). It's not really futuristic or new in terms of design but I feel that this is how BMW's should be.